A tribute to deceased members who helped make us who we are today.

Al Burkert: Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Assistant Chief


Clifford A. Richardson (July 8, 1939-October 28, 2006): Firefighter, Commissioner, Vice President, President


Herbert Lewis Jr: Chief

Donald Bailey: Firefighter, Engineer; and Hiram Hanlon: Chief


Bob Sturges (September 11, 1920-September 3, 2005): Firefighter, Fire Police


George Mattegat (July 19, 1929-January 6, 2017): Firefighter, Fire Police, Life Member.


Tyler Hoffman (March 11, 1994-April 28, 2018): Firefighter. 

Michael Lucas (January 10, 1926-September 28, 2018): Former Chief, Firefighter and Life Member.



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