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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sandy Hook Vol. Fire & Rescue Co., Inc. is to strive for excellence in the performance of prevention of loss of life, personal injury and damage from fire, medical and other emergencies of any or all persons when called upon. We shall do this by maintaining a high standard of training and public education and act and perform in a safe, courteous and professional manner.

Move Right For Blue Light

Volunteer firefighters display a flashing blue light to warn other motorists when they are responding to emergencies in their personal vehicles.

While Connecticut Motor Vehicle laws do not require motorists to pull over to the right, please be courteous and let them pass.

Remember: The faster we can get to the scene of a fire, an accident or a medical call, the sooner we can save lives. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to delay our response time if you needed to call 911, would you?

When you see the blue light, move to the right.



If you would like a patch please send a request, and $5, to

Sandy Hook Vol. Fire & Rescue Company

Attn Patch Request

PO Box 783

Sandy Hook CT 06482

Purchase Reflective Signs



Reflective signs are available from Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue.

They can be purchased for $15, and will be designed to hang vertically or horizontally (your choice) on your mailbox post.

Stop by the firehouse any Monday night or call 203-270-4392 to place an order.

The Fireman's Prayer
A Fireman's Prayer
When I am called to duty, God
Wherever flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.
Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling and
To give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbor and
Protect his property.
And if according to my fate
I am to lose my life,
Please bless with your protecting hand
My children and my wife. 

Call History
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 Call Archives: 

Tue. Feb 24th 2015

A vehicle pulling out of a residence collided with a van traveling on Route 34 just before 5 pm on a cold afternoon. Sandy Hook along with Newtown Volunteer Ambulance were dispatched to the scene, which was near Berkshire Road's intersection with High Rock Road.Upon arrival with 441, 1

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Thu. Feb 12th 2015

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched at 17:37 on a reported two-car accident on I-84 West between Exits 10 and 11.The first firefighter on the scene, however, reported to Chief Bill Halstead that the accident was in fact on the westbound side of the high

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Fri. Jan 30th 2015

At 18:00 on a very cold Friday, January 30, Sandy Hook firefighters along with Newtown Ambulance were dispatched to Gelding Hill Road and Bennetts Bridge Road for a 2-car MVA.2nd Assistant Chief Ryan Clark was the first officer on scene and he located the MVA, which was nearly a mile north of t

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Sun. Dec 7th 2014

Just before 8:30 am Sunday, Sandy Hook firefighters along with Newtown Ambulance were dispatched to a 2-car MVA near Jordan Hill Road.  While en route Chief Bill Halstead was updated that there was only one car involved and it had hit a rock wall. Upon Chief Halstead's arrival he

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Wed. Dec 3rd 2014

Sandy Hook was dispatched to the area of Pole Bridge Road at Bancroft Road at 18:48 on a reported two-car accident. Lt Kevin Stoyak was first on the scene, with 441 and a crew, at 18:54, and confirmed that the scene was as had been reported. A 2008 Honda Civic had driven by a 16-yer old male th

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Thu. Nov 13th 2014

Sandy Hook sent Tanker 9, 441 and ten firefighters to Berkshire Road in Southbury around 10:30 after being requested for mutual aid, after Southbury was dispatched for what was reported as a structure fire.Sandy Hook arrived on the scene just behind Southbury's first crews. A private home at 383

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Mon. Nov 10th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched at 05:35 Monday on a reported car vs pole.Chief Halstead was on the scene, Berkshire Road just west of its intersection with the upper end of Chestnut Hill Road, at 05:43, and reported that a driver and one passenger

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Fri. Nov 7th 2014

Sandy Hook was dispatched to the area of I-84 East between Exits 10 and 11 at 04:24 Friday morning on a reported two-vehicle MVA with possible extrication. First responders were told that two tractor-trailer trucks had collided. "Severe" injuries were reported.Chief Halstead arrived on sce

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Wed. Nov 5th 2014

Sandy Hook and Botsford were dispatched at 11:38 Wednesday on a reported brush fire in the area of Sugarloaf 18 Road. Assistant Chief Anthony Capozziello arrived in the area first, and began searching for the location of the fire, which was well into the woods between Sugarloaf and Sherman Street.&n

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Tue. Nov 4th 2014

Within ten minutes on November 4, Sandy Hook was dispatched to three separate calls. After being sent to Bresson Farm Road for a brush fire at 14:24, and then to Overlook Knoll for a dangerous burn at 14:26, firefighters were then dispatched, along with Botsford, AT 14:33 to 14 Mt Laurel Trail for a

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Mon. Nov 3rd 2014

Sandy Hook and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched to the area of 24 Toddy Hill Road just before noon on Monday on a report of a two-vehicle MVA with injuries.A 1987 Grumann US Mail delivery truck, which had stopped near 24 Toddy Hill Road to deliver some mail, was hit from behind by a

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Sat. Oct 25th 2014

Sandy Hook and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to a one-vehicle accident at approximately 0745 Saturday. Firefighters found a 2005 Toyota Camry off the west side of the roadway, approximately 55 yards from the road's intersection with Berkshire Road. The driver had reportedly been dr

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Wed. Oct 15th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue, Hook & Ladder, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and the on-call medic were all dispatched to the area of 119 Alberts Hill Road at 14:37 on a reported single-vehicle rollover.The female driver of a Ford Escape was able to call dispatch after her vehicle, which had b

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Mon. Oct 6th 2014

Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder were dispatched at 17:26 to I-84 West on a reported car fire between Exits 10 and 9. Hook & Ladder Chief Ray Corbo was first on the scene, at 17:31, and reported the vehicle was in flames, located on the shoulder of the slow speed lane, just prior to the Parmalee

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Wed. Oct 1st 2014

The male driver of the tractor trailer pulled his rig off of the road to avoid hitting other driver's as traffic slowed in front of him and he was unable to stop in time.  Drive was uninjured and was empty of cargo at the time.  Firefighters checked the scene for fluids and then cleare

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Sun. Sep 21st 2014

At approximately 11:30 pm Sandy Hook firefighters were dispatched to a one vehicle accident with a fuel leak in the area of 249 Berkshire Road.Chief Bill Halstead and Engine 441 arrived on scene and confirmed a truck had gone off of the side of the road in the immediate vicinity of Sandy Hook's

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Sun. Sep 14th 2014

For the second time in less than 36 hours, firefighters, police and ambulance personnel were sent to a notoriously dangerous section of Berkshire Road for a motor vehicle accident. (See previous post concerning car vs tree MVA on September 13.)This time, Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue, Newtown Volunte

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Sat. Sep 13th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and the on-call medic were dispatched to the area of 119 Berkshire Road at 09:48 for a one vehicle accident with injuries. Police were also sent to the scene. Dispatch was being told that a vehicle had driven into a

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Wed. Sep 3rd 2014

All five of Newtown’s fire companies were dispatched to 40 Alpine Circle on a report of a structure fire Tuesday evening. Hook & Ladder Firefighter Mike McCarthy arrived in less than a minute of the 18:16 dispatch, and reported flames and heavy smoke was showing from the front and one side

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Wed. Aug 13th 2014

Sandy Hook and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched around 1825 to I-84 East between the Exit 10 on-ramp and the Exit 11 off-ramp for a reported motor vehicle accident with injuries.Upon arrival, crews found three vehicles had been involved in the incident, with the vehicles coming

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Sun. Aug 3rd 2014

Mid morning, shortly after firefighters had begun collecting for their annual door-to-door fund drive, Sandy Hook was dispatched to a reported rollover/MVA on Route 34 just north of Zoar Road.The dispatcher advised those responding that the patient might be unconscious.

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Sat. Jun 21st 2014

At 11:45 pm Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were  dispatched to the area of Berkshire Road, west of Great Quarter Road, for an MVA with three occupants entrapped. Due to its proximity to the town line -- less than a quarter of a mile from Monroe -- m

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Fri. Jun 20th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded around 7:20 am on Friday, June 20, to I-84 West, just west of the Rochambeau Bridge, after a Toyota Prius struck a deer that had run in front of the vehicle. 441 responded with a crew, including 1st Assistant Chief Kev

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Mon. Jun 16th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to the intersection of Berkshire Road at Grays Plain and Bennetts Bridge Roads at 09:44 June 16, on a report of a two-vehicle accident. A Honda Accord had reportedly stopped at the stop sign at the corner of

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Sun. Jun 15th 2014

Sandy Hook firefighters along with Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched to I-84 East between exit 10-11 for a car vs tractor trailer with extrication at 23:29. Upon arrival, Chief Bill Halstead confirmed that one car had been partially underneath a tractor-trailer truck,

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Tue. Jun 10th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched to a reported rollover with a car fire on Berkshire Road near its intersection with Zoar Road around 19:45.1st Engineer Matt Dobson was the first officer on scene, and reported one car wa

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Tue. May 20th 2014

Sandy Hook Fire and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched to the area of Berkshire Road at High Rock Road at 11:36, on a reported two-vehicle collection.A female driver driving a 2014 Audi A-5 convertible was attempting to make a left turn from northbound High Rock Road onto westbound Be

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Mon. May 19th 2014

Sandy Hook and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were dispatched at 18:52 to the area of I-84 East between Exit 11 and the Southbury town line, on a report of a two-car motor vehicle accident with injuries. 441 and 444 responded with crews; Lieutenant John Jeltema served as incident command. Up

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Fri. Apr 25th 2014

Firefighters from three of Newtown’s volunteer companies were dispatched at 05:20 to provide mutual aid to Southbury Volunteer Fireman’s Association early Friday morning. A team of 15 officers and firefighters from Botsford, Hook & Ladder, and Sandy Hook responded with two

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Thu. Apr 24th 2014

Just hours after the National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning for the entire state, coupled with the CT DEEP putting the Forest Fire Danger Level at Very High due to weather conditions, Sandy Hook was dispatched to what was initially reported as an illegal burn.Sandy Hook was dispatched to

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Always Remember

October 7, 2014: Hartford Firefighter Kevin Bell, 48, died while battling a two-alarm blaze on Blue Hills Avenue. 

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