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Sun. Feb 8th 2015
Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue firefighters will be conducting a live burn drill later this year. To prepare for that, the company's Training Committee is planning a number of drills that will cover different aspects of responding to a structure fire.The first drill, on Sunday, February 8, covered...
Mon. Jan 19th 2015
from The Newtown Bee: Volunteer firefighting is not a simple task. During all types of weather and at any time of day or night, an emergency call may sound, summoning firefighters from wherever they may be, and whatever they may be doing to respond to the scene of an emergency. For the pas...
Sun. Dec 14th 2014
On Sunday, December 14, members of Botsford Fire Rescue joined Sandy Hook firefighters at our main station to teach us their Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) procedure.After a classroom power point, firefighters went out into the bays for practicals. 
Sat. Dec 6th 2014
Sandy Hook firefighters had a wonderful time participating in the 13th Annual Sandy Hook Tree lighting!  Quint 440 drove Santa to the festivities, which drew a good crowd despite the rain.
Sat. Nov 29th 2014
For the second year in a row, Sandy Hook firefighters participated in the fire truck light parade.Members spent a few hours decorating the truck before departing for the event. The parade stepped off after the Christmas trees on New Milford green were lit up.Members dressed up in costumes like a sno...
Sat. Nov 22nd 2014
This year's Fill The Fire Truck Food Drive was conducted over the course of two weekends.On Sunday, November 16, Botsford and Dodgingtown members were at Stop & Shop in Sand Hill Plaza for round one. They collected 42 boxes of food, three turkeys, and more than $700 in cash donations.On Satu...
Mon. Nov 3rd 2014
Porco’s Karate Academy has been receiving donations from a number of sources since 12/14. The Church Hill Road martial arts studio was the recipient, instructor Mike Porco, Jr, said, of donations from martial arts groups around the world in the months following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elemen...
Sat. Oct 25th 2014
Members of the Sandy Hook VF&R Ladies Auxiliary were joined by a few firefighters on Saturday for the Fourth Annual Sandy Hook Halloween Walk. Children of all ages were invited to give their Halloween costumes a test run (walk...), and visit nearly two dozen locations within Sandy Hook Center.Sa...
Sun. Oct 12th 2014
Members of Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue participated in the 4th Annual Passport To Sandy Hook on Saturday, October 12.Although the day dawned rainy and chilly, firefighters grabbed the Quint and headed into Sandy Hook Center, and took up our usual position in the parking lot at 100-102 Church Hill R...
Sun. Sep 21st 2014
Sandy Hook concluded the parade season by bringing home three honors Sunday, September 21.The 131st Connecticut State Firefighters Association Convention and Parade were held in Litchfield, September 19-21. While some members attended all three days of the annual CSFA event, most traveled to Litchfi...
Mon. Sep 1st 2014
Company photo taken in front of our firehouse Monday, September 1, prior to the Newtown Labor Day Parade.
Mon. Sep 1st 2014
Sandy Hook celebrated Labor Day by following the same tradition most residents have done for more than half a century: by participating in the 53rd Annual Newtown Labor Day Parade.The company appeared in the Second Division this year, with a full complement of officers, firefighters, Junior Corps an...
Fri. Aug 15th 2014
The win on August 15 of the 2014 Porges Trophy/Best Overall Unit following the Fireman's Parade at Bridgewater Country Fair represents the third straight win of the Bridgewater event's top honor for Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue.It also marked at least the ninth time the company ear...
Sat. Aug 2nd 2014
Sandy Hook firefighters and auxiliary members marched in the Thomaston Parade and brought home four trophies.The firefighters won Best Appearing in Shirts and Best Appearing Color Guard, while the women picked up Best Appearing Ladies Auxiliary and Most Ladies in the Line of March.Con...
Fri. Jul 25th 2014
Safety Town was developed in 1964 as a national program to teach young children important lessons on traffic, fire, water, bus, and bicycle safety, awareness of medicine and poison, and awareness of strangers. Newtown Youth & Family Services introduced the program to Newtown families last year, ...
Mon. Jul 21st 2014
Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue Company hosted its 27th Annual George & Timothy Powell Memorial Golf Tournament on Monday, July 21. For the first time in a number of years the tournament stayed within town, with foursomes divided between the courses at Rock Ridge Country Club and Newtown Count...
Mon. Jun 23rd 2014
Second Assistant Chief Mike Burton and Captain Ryan Clark co-led a drill on Monday, June 23, that had members working with tools that are needed during extrications. Firefighters were divided into two groups, and worked through a few different scenarios with each drill leader.Under Capt Clark's ...
Mon. Jun 2nd 2014
During its annual meeting on June 2, Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue Company honored longtime member Richard Conrod by naming him the company’s 2014 Outstanding Member of the Year.Firefighter Conrod, affectionately known as "Dr Dick," is a former engineer and lieutenant, and is currentl...
Sat. May 24th 2014
Sandy Hook was invited to participate in this year's Great Pootatuck Duck Race & Town Festival, an event presented in Sandy Hook Center on Saturday, May 24. The family friendly event returned to its street festival presentation this year, and Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue had a pair of trucks...
Thu. May 8th 2014
As part of a new series of drills that are being offered in addition to the twice-monthly company drills, Sandy Hook's Training Committee led a drill concerning dumpster fires Thursday evening. The drill was led by Sandy Hook Firefighters and Training Committee members Tom Ryer and Bob Nute, wit...
Mon. May 5th 2014
On Monday, May 5, prior to a company meeting, Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue members were visited by Bill Lewis, from Celtic Cross Pipes & Drum. Jr. On behalf of the Danbury-based band, Mr Lewis made a donation of $825 for the fire company's truck fund.Sandy Hook lost Engine 443 in October 201...
Mon. Apr 28th 2014
On Monday, April 28, members of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue made their annual visit to Wesley Learning Center in Sandy Hook. Three presentations were offered at the school.Firefighters were very impressed with the lessons the youngsters had already learned about Stop Drop & Roll, when...
Mon. Apr 28th 2014
On Monday, April 26, Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue hosted guests from two locations for a training session that concerned natural gas emergencies and propane emergencies.Chris Durost and Peter Neary, both from Yankee Gas; and Steve Rosentel, Al Beardsley, Derek Gular and Walt Hislop, all from Leahy&#...
Sun. Apr 13th 2014
Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue members took part in a drill on Haz Mat Decon at their main station. The four hour class consisted of classroom and practical.FTI Instructor Walt Seman led the class.Mr Seman returned to the company's main station on Sunday, May 4, to continue the hazm...
Sat. Mar 15th 2014
Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue was honored to be invited for the second year in a row in Hartford's St Patrick's Day Parade.On a beautiful sunny Saturday, a crew went to Hartford with the rescue truck to participate in the city's 43rd Annual Greater Hartford St Patrick's Day Parade. Th...
Sun. Mar 9th 2014
One of the biggest logistical challenges for Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue's recently established Training Committee came to fruition on Sunday, March 9, when the majority of the company spent the morning at Danbury Fire School for a live burn drill. A preplan session had been hosted by the ...
Tue. Feb 11th 2014
Sandy Hook firefighters welcomed a Daisy Scout troop to its main station on February 11.The Scouts were welcomed by Engineer Steve Stohl, Firefighters Pete Barresi, Andy DeWolfe and Shannon Hicks, and Junior Corps member Patrick Doherty. They spent about 20 minutes in the meeting room of the fi...
Sun. Jan 12th 2014
Members of Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue assembled at their main station at 8:30 Sunday morning for their first drill of the new year.The Training Committee had decided to present a five-station training session for the day. Firefighters were divided into five groups, with each group averaging five m...
Tue. Nov 26th 2013
Members, friends and family helped unload Christmas trees on Friday afternoon, setting up the inventory for this year's Christmas Trees Sale. The annual event is a fundraiser for the company.The event, being co-chaired again this year by 2nd Assistant Chief Mike Burton and his daughter, Fir...
Sat. Nov 23rd 2013
All five of Newtown’s fire companies answered the call of Newtown’s hungry on Saturday, November 23, when members (along with friends and family) participated in the 13th Annual Fill The Fire Truck Food Drive. Members of Sandy Hook, Hook & Ladder and Hawleyville fire companies,...
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Always Remember

October 7, 2014: Hartford Firefighter Kevin Bell, 48, died while battling a two-alarm blaze on Blue Hills Avenue. 

Forest Fire Danger Level

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Daily Forest Fire Danger Report.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sandy Hook Vol. Fire & Rescue Co., Inc. is to strive for excellence in the performance of prevention of loss of life, personal injury and damage from fire, medical and other emergencies of any or all persons when called upon. We shall do this by maintaining a high standard of training and public education and act and perform in a safe, courteous and professional manner.

Move Right For Blue Light

Volunteer firefighters display a flashing blue light to warn other motorists when they are responding to emergencies in their personal vehicles.

While Connecticut Motor Vehicle laws do not require motorists to pull over to the right, please be courteous and let them pass.

Remember: The faster we can get to the scene of a fire, an accident or a medical call, the sooner we can save lives. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to delay our response time if you needed to call 911, would you?

When you see the blue light, move to the right.



If you would like a patch please send a request, and $5, to

Sandy Hook Vol. Fire & Rescue Company

Attn Patch Request

PO Box 783

Sandy Hook CT 06482

Purchase Reflective Signs



Reflective signs are available from Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue.

They can be purchased for $15, and will be designed to hang vertically or horizontally (your choice) on your mailbox post.

Stop by the firehouse any Monday night or call 203-270-4392 to place an order.

The Fireman's Prayer
A Fireman's Prayer
When I am called to duty, God
Wherever flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.
Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late
Or save an older person from
The horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout
And quickly and efficiently
To put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling and
To give the best in me,
To guard my every neighbor and
Protect his property.
And if according to my fate
I am to lose my life,
Please bless with your protecting hand
My children and my wife. 
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