Training: Ice Water Rescue
Sun. Feb 10th 2019

Sandy Hook VFR firefighters spent nearly four hours on the ice of Lake Lillinonah Sunday morning, when they were joined by four members of Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue (NUSAR) for ice water training. Having met at Sandy Hook’s main station, participants regrouped at the town’s boat launch, where four inches of clean ice and 20+ degrees provided an ideal training setting.

Under the guidance of Mike McCarthy and Applied Rescue Technique LLC, a Sandy Hook based technical rescue training company, participants worked through three stations, with one station offering two skills.

The group began in the parking lot, however, paired off and throwing rope bags between themselves. After donning ice rescue suits, participants again threw rope bags to each other, quickly learning the limitations of movement when those suits are being worn. 

Participants were then broken into three teams, and headed to the ice.

Stations had SHVFR and NUSAR members practicing self rescue, guided by McCarthy; throw and rescue, led by Chris Colombo; and reach and rescue, led by Ray Corbo. The throw and rescue station also incorporated the use of a sled for rescue operations. Each person went through every skill at least twice, and they went through each skill as both rescuer and victim. 

At the end of the morning, 10 SHVFR firefighters received certification for Ice Water Rescue. These firefighters had attended two evenings of classroom training prior to Sunday morning’s practical. Firefighter unable to attend both classroom sessions, but who were able to participate in the practical, did receive credit for Sunday’s training.

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251 entries in the News

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