Training: Continued SCBA, Safety & Training
Mon. Aug 26th 2019

Approximately 30 SHVFR firefighters spent nearly two hours with instructors from FTI on Monday night, continuing their training with SCBA and learning techniques to rescue victims and downed firefighters from buildings. 

Pete Morotto and Derek Currao from Fire Training Innovations discussed SCBA skills on Monday, continuing some of the training done earlier this month. The two demonstrated various ways firefighters could rescue a downed firefighter inside a building, using harnesses and webbing. 

They covered different techniques and tools that can be used based on who a rescuer is, who a victim is, and where a victim or firefighter goes down, whether in a hallway or other flat surface, or on or near stairs.

Their closing segment covered using ropes, caribiners and pulleys to quickly, efficiently and safely move someone down a ladder should that need arise. 

The skills covered on Monday will be put to practice during emergencies, and are expected to also be part of the live burn training Sandy Hook has scheduled for later this year. 

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248 entries in the News

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