Training: Ladder Company Ops
Sun. Nov 10th 2019

Sandy Hook VFR firefighters returned to Fairfield Hills for the second time this year to continue training with ladders. The company's November 10 training, done with FTI, continued and expanded upon work that had been started in April.

Firefighters began by staging outside Shelton Hall, near the center of the Fairfield Hills campus. They worked on ladder basics first, covering different lengths of straight ladders, carrying them, and then safely throwing them. Firefighters used 16, 24 and 35-foot ladders, and worked solo as well as in teams of two and three at that location.

The group then relocated to Washington Square, where they began working with Quint 440 at one of the former residential buildings. The second part of Sunday's training was on laddering the roof, using a 24' ground ladder and 16' roof ladder and climbing to the peak. Firefighters worked in groups of three to carry this part of the drill out.

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248 entries in the News

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